"Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers."     Proverbs XVII.6

High Cross Road, Rotherfield in East Sussex, England (incorrectly labelled as Mayfield Road). The houses in the foreground on the left side of the road are sitting on land known as Drapers which was owned by the Barbers c1530 - 1787. (Postcard in private collection of Geoffrey Barber)

The "Barber alias Nynne" book is now available.

This book is the culmination of a journey I started in the early 1980s when I began to explore my family history. Having discovered the broad family tree I decided to focus on my paternal line seeking to find the earliest Barber families and to discover how they might have lived, putting "flesh on the bones" so to speak. Needless to say that I learnt a lot about English social history along the way! 

The book starts in 1530 in Rotherfield in Sussex moving forward one generation after another to the present day. The amount of historical information discovered for these ordinary lives is quite amazing and I belive that the book serves as a great example of how the combination of church records, manorial records and legal documents can be used to learn about the lives of our ancestors in England in the very early period of the 1500s - 1700s.

For those considering investigating manorial records there is a comprehensive chapter on the important elements of the manorial system and many images and transcriptions of manorial and legal documents throughout the book.

The Web Site

Note: This web site was previously located at www.barber.org.au but had to be moved to its present address at www.nynne.org after the Australian regulators ruled that it was not appropriate for a ".org.au" site. Apologies for the inconvenience.

This web site documents the known family history of Ronald Leslie Barber and Freda Amy Barber (nee Taylor) who emigrated from Brighton, Sussex, England in 1950 and settled in Perth, Western Australia. The web site links together over 7000 people in one large extended family going back as far as 1530 to Rotherfield in Sussex where we find the earliest occurrence of the Barber name (as Barber alias Nynne).

To start investigating this site I suggest the following:
1. Start with the Introduction menu option and then the Highlights option.
2. Alternatively, simply click on the Pedigree Charts for Ronald Barber or Freda Taylor and navigate from there.
3. For experienced users the Surname Index is a great way to go directly to a person of interest and the Charts menu contains a list of useful charts which focus on different sections of the database. I can easily create descendants charts for users who are researching particular surnames or families, so please ask if this would be helpful.

The Barber and Taylor families go far back into the history of Sussex and Kent. A particular project of mine has been to research the paternal Barber line, and as such there is much greater detail along that line in the web site. It has been a fascinating journey of discovery, with many exciting finds in wills, manorial records and church wardens accounts books to name a few.

Research on the Taylor line has been similarly rewarding but in a different way. Coming from a larger family, and especially from a large family of Marchants in Brighton in the 1800s, there are many researching this family and it has been wonderful to work with others on this line and to discover many distant relatives. The maternal line goes back to the villages of Twyford and Upham which surround Winchester in Hampshire, the historic city and former capital of England. 

A focus of research in recent years has been to track descendants, and in 2013 I discovered our first living relative using DNA matching (the common link was back in 1774). Since then a number of branches that emigrated to different countries have been confirmed through DNA matching.

I hope you find something of value on this site. Please note that this site does not contain details of people who may still be living.

Recently I have seen portions of this website copied and published in other electronic media. In particular I have found user submitted family trees on Ancestry.com where person pages from this website have been copied and attached to trees to which they do not belong, which is then perpetuated by others who assume it is correct without having done their own research. I will always do my best to help and assist anyone who thinks their family might link to the family trees on this web site, so please feel free to contact me if you discover a link. Also, I am always interested to hear from anyone who disagrees with information on this website so I can identify and correct any mistakes.

This website remains a work in progress.

Geoffrey Barber
Perth, Western Australia
Email: ggbarber @ gmail.com



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