This page has been established to facilitate sharing of information with the A(c)(k)(e)hurst  One Name Study group: AKEHURSTer World

My Akehursts are from Hellingly in Sussex, England and I am a descendant of Jane BURGESS, an illegitimate daughter who was baptized on 1 October 1797 at Hellingly, Sussex, England. The parish register says that she is the daughter of John AKEHURST and Maria BURGESS who eventually married in 1798. Jane is my 4th x great grandmother on my father's (BARBER) side of the family.

The information below represents aspects of my research into the Akehurst family. Researching the Akehursts of Hellingly has posed some difficulties due to the common usage of the name John Akehurst. This page will be a work in progress as research continues in the lead up the the Akehurst Family Get-Together in Barham, Kent in September 2016.


The following Descendant Chart presents most of my information for the Akehursts of Hellingly. Double-click on individuals to read more information:


Although a different branch, the Akehursts of Folkington, Alfriston, Jevington and Wilmington had to be researched in order to help account for various Akehursts that appear in the Hellingly parish registers. These Akehursts would appear to have originated with a family of yeoman living around Jevington and Folkington in the 16th and 17th centuries. Although close to Hellingly, they maintained their continuity in Folkington, but with some events occuring in neighbouring parishes. They are documented here to assist in perhaps linking these families together in the future.

This first family starts with Edward Akehurst, born c1600. He married Sarah Bartholomew in 1625 at Folkington.

The next family starts with John Akehurst, born c1600. He married Joan Trapson in 1623 at Peasmarsh and then lived at Wilmington until c1640 when the family disappears from the registers c1640. Their son Thomas (born 1624) married Elizabeth Wilkin in 1655 at Westham and then lived in Hailsham.